Thursday, February 14, 2019

True Happiness

A word, a feeling which everyone is searching
It comes in different sizes and packaging
Something to look forward to
Something to be shared by two...

It cannot be forcefully taken

It cannot be obtained if one is broken...
This feeling and sensation is a warm thing
Like the rays of the morning sun touching

It can be memories of the good times and past

In which things are still changing doesn't last
We will never know that it exist without sadness and grief
The opposite of meaning of disappointment and bleed

This is also a fragile thing that easily breaks
A split second of mistakes and wrong decisions, that all it takes
Which can vanish into the night
Gone in to the darkness without a sight

So once you have obtained this with you
Cherish it, savor the moment, that is what you should do
Because things like this are so precious and hard to gain
And you may never know when it will come around again

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