Friday, April 22, 2016

Chained Feelings

From the moment I saw you
I knew that it was you;
But now why? I just want to keep this feeling
Instead of showing it;

I love you so much, but I cannot be with you
A love forbidden coz I'm not true;
My heart is taken and is bonded
But it speaks of your name, my love believe it

At times I wondered how and when
A love like this has awoken;
A dream thats so good to be true
A feeling so new I was out of the blue

Days constantly change
As thoughts of you I always gaze;
Life has new meaning
Just like the air we need for breathing

This love seems to be a new begining
Like a wool of silk and fine linings;
How I wish I could tell you more
But my heart is locked and is adorned

How can I love two persons at the same time
Confusing as it seems I want them to be mine;
If only we can choose and love as many as we want
I won't mind to be a selfish man so naive and blunt

Monday, May 25, 2015

Dream Reality

Today as I try to see what I was before
A faith I gained from what I adore;
Like the day and night that changes
From up and down we see the coming pages.

As I try to ravel what this life could bring
To plan for the future, as my heart sings;
The journey starts again as we take flight
For I have found the love of my life.

Before I thought that life is just a game
I was so naive so young so lame;
But time lets you grow
Learn new things the yes and the no's.

Yet I was not ready for love
I failed many times and yes I have;
I prayed so hard to forget the pain
Cried almost every night of what I have gained.

But all is fair and time could only tell
Healing one self, standing up from the fell;
Love really is a mysterious thing
For you'll never know what might it bring;

Monday, May 19, 2014

Break and Break

When love hurts and agony takes place
An ache to which it takes to much space;
Clouding our mind with despair
A gloomy atmosphere with a glare;

This only happens when love is betrayed
The only person you trust so much, and now you hate;
Why of all the people around you?
The One you cherished so much hurts you;

May be we have been so much integrated
With the person that you know so much;
Or maybe  love has blinded us
To predict and see it from coming;

Life is so much complicated if we tangle our selves
Unable to be free from natural habits;
Attached our joy and future to our love ones
That makes it so painful, when separation starts;

Being faithful and true is such a gamble
Laying down everything and being humble;
Guess that Love is a poison and a cure
For it can give us so much joy and so much grief
at the same time;

Monday, December 16, 2013

Broken Rewind

At this time I can still feel the love I had for you
Not a single day your memory hunts me;
I dream of you beside me and I don't have a clue
Again trap, at a time which i didn't foresee.

I hate and I love you at the same time
But what else can I do? keep lying to my self;
Trying to hide everything and be fine
An inner voice saying I need you everyday

Although I know you betrayed me
You hurt me, killed me all at once
I'm still impaled into your presence
Like a free fall from a cliff and hitting the bottom.

As of now trusting again seems so very hard
Being lied so many times by someone you hold so dear;
Felt like a knife stabbed a thousand times from behind
And all you can do is just let it be and die inside.

Wishing I have never met you at all
And in the same time, was glad to have loved you;
I Showed you my world and everything I am
Hope that where ever you are, your happy and safe...

Monday, December 9, 2013

Back to Back

Your not alone
You and i have this bond between us
That bond has made me want to take a step forward
Let's link the colors of our dreams and create a bright rainbow up in the sky.

I had no forte
Lived back to back with inferiority
Nor did i have confidence
But you said to me with a smile,
What's so fun about that? and you went ahead of me.

When I'm alone inside a flash back
I synchronize with you we mash up
With you i can feel confident right now
Ready set from the minute I felt you in my heart
I was sure my dreams will come true.

I see your everlasting smile
You firmly took my hand, with you nothing is impossible
Your the only one who made me feel this way
You make up for the strength that i lack
I will cover the powers that you lack, let's fly away.

I hope that this don't stop in a stand still
I'll be there for you always so don't cry
Your not alone anymore
Everythings gonna be alright.

Sunday, November 24, 2013


If the future you want to grab
No matter how many times you get hurt
Focus on your dreams
That's how we get past the present

Don't give into the flow of time, letting time slip away is no good
I felt as if even my footsteps will fade away
I have a place to head to, with my fist in the air
I'll ask myself and i shall move forward harder

Strive on my own and let go
What ever happens tomorrow just let it flow
We cannot control anything in this life
I shall face the world with pride

Falling down a thousand times
Because that's how it is
But getting up a thousand more
Will teach you so much you'll soar

Never look away from the obstacles that stand in your way
I don't wanna lose what I can realize
If you believe in your infinite powers
Let's keep on challenging forever and forever

Monday, August 19, 2013

A Plea of a Broken Heart

Almost every day I find my heart crushed
That I feel like not living in this world anymore
It’s like I’m dying each day because it’s too much
My emotions stir up till it sore;

I cannot explain how miserable I feel
How this life keeps on messing up with everything else
I gave my all, my everything my heart and soul
And in the end it was all in vain;

Memories of us hunts me everyday
The days in the sun, my world then was fun
The one love that gave my life back
A moment in my life which was fulfilling;

Now, I try to fight this struggle I’m in
Living alone, like a single tree in a desert
I’m just here waiting, waiting to rain
Life’s meaning is gone, when all make’s no sense

How I wish that this life of mine would end
For the meaning in it has been removed once again
I live this lonely life to only feel resent
I need help… please someone? I can’t take this pain;