Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Designed to Signify

A view of the sky with white clouds
Where I can feel the peace and serenity;
Reminds me when I first found
The very important part of my journey.

My existence is what makes me real
Where I must do whatever it takes;
To push forward and start to heal
The wounds that was bleeding and the heart aches.

I want to walk and then start to run
Towards the future that is so unstable;
Finding for myself the essence of this life
The meaning of my dreams and all.

To see that I can make it through
With my own hands to mold the coming dialogues;
Foreseeing the unknown that develops
The forces which conflicts everything.

How I wanted to defy the failed faith
To extinguish the fire that was burning for so long;
The process which I must undergo
For the sequences and sake of  developing. 

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