Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Lier Till the End...

When you have thought of fooling someone
Could you have at least think twice?
That it’s gonna turn something from here… to gone…
A mistake unforgivable to anyone, because that’s the price

A stupid judgment of something that shouldn’t be done
For it leads to pain and hatred, the path of a damned
Didn’t thought about it so I was just toyed for fun
I gave trust and now betrayal was renounced

Now I sought for vengeance more eagerly
Waiting and planning for that day to arrive
I gone through it many times so don’t take me lightly
The agony of suffering I endured, I’ll give it back 10x till I die!

For that will make me contented from losing
No regrets and remorse for your so deserving
You made me like this so don’t wonder why
I’ll show you death when we cross our time

For you already know what you just did
So you’re ready for the consequences to be fulfilled
I promise to make you pay till I see you bleed
Because that would be my happiness my true self will be reviled!

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