Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blue Ether "Azure"

I've given you one of my names
Did you take good care of it?
May I have a word from you, that isn't goodbye?
The light comes as grains, and then as waves

You appear first as a bird, and then as the universe
You were always by my side
On that day when all that our smiles would have joined
Was connected in one harmony

I always wanted to be beside you
But no matter how I voiced my longing
It could not reach you
Azure, blue, blue journey

Neither offensive nor defensive,
These moderate feelings
That are somewhere right in between despair and hope...
The future is first feather-light, and then is lead

I appear to be water, and then I am flame
You were always by my side
Nearer than even love
On that day when everything was once warmth...

I wanted to be with you
But I was so far from you
That I couldn't even hear your music
a sad, sad, lonely travel...

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