Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Long Wait… Frustrations…

Since when did I last heard you voice?
It seems like years, yet the day didn’t move an inch
To this point it made me no choice
When I was still startled yet I should have pinch

When your gone and left me behind
Plans we made slowly deteriorates
I cannot see the good in our relationship, you made me blind…
Blinded by the mistakes you done and turned me into hate

The love we used to have is slowly disappearing
Into the abyss, falling slowly, that has a bottomless pit
Where we see it all ends, I can no longer be daring
Because what you did close everything in a lid

I do loved you still, but you keep hurting me
That it was painful everyday for me to live on
And every word you said doesn’t makes sense, I cannot agree
You’re with someone else now facing new dawns

Still you say you love me?
How can that be? When you choose him over me?
That you disregard the years we had and just let it be…
How can we grow together if you can live without me?

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