Monday, January 18, 2010

Ache of a Million Heart Break

When the days was as good as it could get
That it seems to never stop
And all the things you cannot forget
Then all of a sudden, it all disappears and drops…

A reality that I’m experiencing
To which I wasn’t prepared to face
And the pieces of me scattered and here I am drowning
In this pain that I am dwelling… losing my base…

To this moment I still can’t believe
The turn of events that went and the decision made
I feel like I was abandoned and betrayed
That my worth was nothing to the years I encountered

Now in despair that swallowed me
That I cannot break free
Trying to live like nothing has happened
And acting like a clown to rid of this decree

You’ll never feel the exact emotion I’m having
And all the dreams that has been broken
They still linger in my head and wondering
Is this the way love ends to start a new? Still… unspoken…

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