Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pieces of Me

As I see the sun rises outside my window
A new day starts for me, but still I’m hollow
The very reason that I exist before is gone
With all the memories stops to begun…

Was this really to happen? I ask myself
Did I not make moves to counter and assert oneself?
The efforts I made was all in vain
Now here I am crushed and living in pain…

To this degree that has took its toll on me
I lost everything in just a blink of an eye…
The very most important part of me died
Broke down every single piece and can’t stop to cry

Why is this had to happen? When all I did is to love?
Was my love not enough that you found someone else?
Is the love you said, all these time was not true?
Did the years we shared…are just mere feelings?

I got a lot of thing right now
And I cannot carry on with our vows
So now as I let go…
I found somebody new to make me whole…

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