Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Today as I unfold my feelings
I know that this will be a new beginning
As I say the emotions that I always hide
And try to express it with all of my might

From the day that I first saw you
I knew I’ve fallen, for you that’s true
I tried to come near you but it was always in vain
I was scared nor being naïve, I was afraid of pain

As the day passes that I haven’t confess my thoughts
I felt this aching inside of me that I want to sought
I wanted to talk to you and know you more, that was the catch
So I tried to be with you, but being with you is too much

I was so nervous being with you, even if I’m trying to act cool
That I’m so happy that I cannot explain when I’m with you at school
I just can’t help to stare at you and watch your eyes meet mine
Because I cannot get the courage to tell you I like you, my self I want to define

So now as I gave you this short indention of my self
For you to know my actions really can tell and be felt
As I try to capture the exact feelings and put it into words
I hope that letting you know how I feel, can change my world

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