Friday, August 27, 2010


Lying in my bed trying to sleep
Having a hard time even if it’s wink
I cannot stop my self to think things so deep
As I plan my days and mark it with an ink

I’m still preparing my self for the events to come
That I know isn’t pleasant and assuring
Making me think too much of all the sum
For me to know if everything is foreseeing

The rest is still to come and I need to be ready
For unlike before I wasn’t, so I see the results
Never been so bothered with anxiety
For the thoughts that rises are sometimes insults

Now… guess I’ll make things big
For me to reach the goal that I have indeed
Vengeance is what really motivates me in this dig
That I cannot seem to forget even if I bleed

I’m trying to turn into righteousness
But I want to take my revenge so badly
Hopefully in the days to come, I’m still with humbleness
For if not then the grudge that I have is deadly

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