Thursday, September 30, 2010


Most people can’t react to a simple glance
Is it hard to notice or appreciate a small affection?
Maybe we should try and give it a chance
Time and effort for it to have an intervention.

As far as I’m concerned, I’m really attracted to her
The way she moves, her smiles her eyes, everything!
The moment I saw her I knew I’ve fallen for her
Just to see her everyday gives me a joyous feeling.

I can’t act normal and stay cool…
I’m so tensed and cautious
I get so nervous that I’m acting like a fool
Sigh .... tongue twisted and so anxious.

I really hope to know her more
Share moments together with laughter
I can only dream for now, that someday you would open the door
But with the things I been doing, it’s going to falter…

And for some reason… I can’t get closer to her
I felt like I have been a bit marginalized
For she now’s ignores me in a way that I can’t get closer
Maybe it’s a test, maybe it’s my quest to understand what is truly in demand.

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