Sunday, November 8, 2009

I have to let go…..

Myself I always try to fight everyday
That I should be better off without you
Is this what I really want? And is this how I should play?
To be someone else and forget, is what I must do

I cannot act like a foolish child
Asking to loved by a person that didn’t cared enough
As to which made my life miserable
And reset my mindset to off set

I wasn’t thinking back then…
And was I given a love potion that I can’t resist her charm?
That all I can see is her and think off?
Was this a real deal or just a glitch in my brain?

I guess I was brain washed or something…
To have fallen head over heels
To begged to be love?
And the wrong decisions I made O_O

This was so not me that I change my personality
That when I was someone else I can’t recall
That the time was wasted and efforts was in vain
I made a fool out of myself and myself only to blame!

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