Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Addiction

A part of me that hasn’t been found yet
Is now what I see in front of me…
I never knew that it was you
You are the missing part I was looking for…

Now as I look forward to each day
How I wish to have you with me
How I longed to hear and see, your smile, your laughter
The words that only you can say, that leaves a mark on my head

I cannot believe that I have you now
That I’m luckiest guy to be with you tonight
That I think I was still dreaming…
That is this really true? I keep on asking my self

As the night moves on, I don’t wanna part
And the moments we share, still lingers in my heart
I cannot forget the things we have in common
That hey, I have found my better half!

I wish I could have known you before
So that I have been a whole, you were my core!
Now I’m craving to be with you, I try to hide it but it really shows
I’m not good at hiding things so I guess you already know…

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