Sunday, October 4, 2009

As I Let Go

Days that told the story of my life
Has now been told today to be know how I strive
My actions was not a measure, to all the mistakes I made
But it’s a lesson that I must learn that will never fade

So now as I replace the broken pieces
I try not to cry and hope to remove the pain, release
That it was not meant to be, of what you have thought
That the dream will never come true and you sought

As this day ends with a frail on my face
I cannot hide that I’m hurting even thou I did not embrace
I set you free to the world I cannot change
When I tried to give my all not asking for anything in exchange

You didn’t treat me well that I hurt time and time
The pain I try to hide and never let it show like a mime
As this went on I cannot hold it anymore
I lost the patience I had and all drops to the floor…

Now as I look at my self on what had happened
I try to face my day with no more anxiety, let it end
My hopes and plans that I imagined slowly tumbles
Like the future you made has gone into crumbles.

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