Sunday, October 18, 2009

Maybe SomeDay....

As I try to picture you in my mind
A lot of flash back I find
You have always flooded my thoughts
I can’t seem to forget you

Every minute I always find my self dreaming
That one day you would be mine
That I would be the luckiest man
To have you I cannot deny

I fallen for you that it so obvious
I try to keep it to my self but to no avail
I always follow my heart and always lead me to you
That I cannot control…

Maybe this feelings my softer side
I don’t have anything nor pride when I love
All I have is my heart that I can offer
That I hope you would accept

I’m just an ordinary guy with no super powers
Powers that could make you fall in love to me;
My love bloomed when I found you
The only reason I can find to be with you…

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