Monday, September 14, 2009

When Regret comes into Play

To all the people that experienced the dilemma of loving
We always ask why do we have to let our heart win over our mind?
Are we not thinking clearly when we show affection?
Does the heart blind our mind to think straight?

The day again starts with a hole in your heart
That you have given up the person you have loved before
Is it really that easy to give up the love you shared?
Was it not a regret to go on your separate ways?

Another unequal decision that has been made, only to hurt each other
Why do we like to hurt when all we can do is love?
Is there something to it that makes it unavoidable?
You don’t realize that you only made each other hate one another.

Then the pain of leaving and losing
The pain of falling in and out of love
The mistakes that haven’t been corrected before anything else
Will always end to give you more suffering along the way.

Can you understand what I’m telling you?
Maybe not…. People now a days are to egoistic and the pride consumes it all
It never hurts to be humble and try to give your selves a chance
That love is pain and joy at the same time when you really love at all.

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