Friday, July 31, 2009

Another Failure…

Once I though I would make it through

Like smooth sailing into the clear horizon

But then again storms can’t be predicted

So I was so relax and confident that I will reach shore.

Then the storm came and took all my men off board

The sails were broken down and the ship sank too

Now as I lie to bed and think what had went wrong?

Its always the captain of the ship that’s to blame of it all

My life is really full of disappointments

I never really expect too much in anything I do

I would go to any war around the world

I wont mind if I can’t return back home

There’s no meaning in life if it’s full of disappointments

It’s better to fight and die for the only thing that you believed in

Another chapter of my life has ended

Opening another one might be a disappointment

I don’t feel so good about my self anymore

I been rejected so many times before X_X

Lost my eagerness and pride

I need someone to comfort me and take me high

Someone that would be always there to console me

Against the odds with all I have left

To strive again is my next step

To climb and reach for success to reach the top never give up!

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