Friday, July 31, 2009


To wish and found a simple place

Like a journey, traveling with no face

Being with people that I don’t know

A lot of meaning from them I’ve grown

As now for me I’m winding up

To be thankful and gracious a bunny hop!

This may not be me that’s doing this

Another side, 2nd person to make it a bliss

To had found that simple place

The end of the journey in her grace

To which I never would have thought

Surprisingly amazed and humble caught

Feeling weary and exhausted

Never imagined to be welcomed

This may be a place for all

Makin it possible when all has fall

Reaching the distance a direction

Having it as your own can be that decision

To have traveled with someone

Together along the way as one

Now a glorious leap a sudden rush

Not knowing of what the ending make it flushed

To take a chance makes it easy with no haste

To have it at once to her faithful grace ^_^

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