Friday, July 31, 2009

To Let GO….

Having to love someone with out a concent
like a personal feeling that cant be bent
to see you happy in someone elses arms
a grinding feeling, you cant do anything

To known and accepted what has happened
a fate that cross the limits at the end
having this inside tears me apart
if only i could, should, would, word on my mind

So now im here expressing what i have
a submerged thought, awaken me abard
feeling defeated, a surrendering truce
to play dumb X_X is all i can do

There was no choice at the very start
my hands are tied and cant be apart
all i can do is watch you here
well what can i say, you have it clear

Its no good to look around, see it go by
holding the thoughts that crosses my mind
for this has been a honest night
no more reasons to stay and fight

As this regret is not to avail
no more guilt i must say ~_~
the person i like is happy with someone else
hope she’ll be happy, someone that i used to love T_T

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