Friday, July 31, 2009

Missin My Girlfriend T_T

She’s my friend and also a best friend
a person you can depend on ^_^
im missin her so much thats what i wanna send
even if it was just days we parted ways

She strict but sweet and can be mean X_X
when my worlds down she’s all i need
she makes me feel that im loved
i miss that feeling so warm and tough

She’s all i have in this world of mine
to loose her means the end of my line
trying hard to restrain every single urge…
to touch and see you would be my mission on a burdge

I can still remember your lingering scent
your long black hair that i adore
i can imagine your soft smooth skin on me
you cheerfull face that makes me calm

I always recall what we always do
being together until the nigth is through
places which we used to share
seeing them once again i cant bear…

Im all alone rigth now
only myself and the four walls in my room
Seeing my self with out you in it…
its like a nightmare a dream that must not come true!

So now im here waiting for your return
even forever i hope i can dare
a life like this is so blue with out you
your the happiness that i cant find

Only your promise that keeps me going on
the only faith i hold dearly in my heart
to stay strong a task i must own
i love you so much that you know im yours for just the taking

And eventhou we are miles apart
you will stay with me forever in my heart
a place that you can only have
A big part of me the source of my existance

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