Friday, July 31, 2009

Crush Oh Crush! ^_^

My heart skip a beat
a pause in one moment so sweet
the trobing and pounding
cant seem to stop no ending

You gave me inspiration
you always turns me on
knowing you have this power
the thought goes deeper

Wondering in my mind
day dreaming imagining wat i could find
i cant think straigth my eyes crossed yours
uneasy sweaty feeling getting nervous

Cant find the right words to say
to say whati have i always pray
im so dumb in this field
thats why maybe im always in yield

I really wanted to confess
I really dying to know
what you will say or do
im gonna be so blue

My heads blank and your in it
my mind and heart has reached tilt!
you may call me crazy
I might give u a flower or daisy

feeling in heaven, all of the angels singing
thats what ill be my moment…
to known you and loved u
will you be there forever kahit isang saglit…

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