Friday, July 31, 2009

Can’t let love slip away

I have loved my girl for a very long time…
She’s been a very BIG part of me, since from the very start
As I look back on how the years passed, we shined
To be together and holding on, never be apart

Day and night we stayed together
Sharing lonely moments that spells forever
And each day we see, our love gets stronger
Growing every minute, that we get closer

And if one day we have to say goodbye
Go on our separate ways, I think I would cry…
I wouldn’t know how to get by on my own, I might die
After all the loving and passion you have shown…

So as for me, I’ll never say goodbye
I’ll do anything to never break the chain
Even if were separated by distance
I’ll cross any part of the world to be home with you

My heart only rest in your arms
It’s where I found love and completeness
You have been my life’s commitment
To be with you forever, I will never regret…

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