Friday, July 31, 2009


Each careless step and false move,
Thou it may seem cool, and surprisingly unnoticed
It always ends with a lot of hate and regret
To which all of us has been ignoring

I may sound like I’m not involve in any case
It’s for all to know and for ME to take
Even you already knew, your wrong doings
You still continue up to the last break

But the thing is, we’re all curious to where it might lead
As to experience how our heart bleeds
Toying with our selves and others
A unjust and precautionary measure, a curse

To be true and fair coz I’m not that tough
I’m also a person in this field… I have suppressed long enough
plunge into this scariest venture, gamble of passion
to which I have been astray, this couple of days

Before I did set my life to which and where I must go
Been there, done that, see it all and still….
It knock in my mind to view and explore what else can I do?
As it all came clear and had endured the test

Suddenly I have been negligent and unjust
I found my self with someone else…
And the same thing happened the week after that…. X_X another girl X_X
All was really fast, like I tried to stay away and it still follows you

So while making this paragraph I have visualized
I’m not a saint or a martyr …
We have our limits and boundaries, but still you tend to cross it
Then again I was weak and my judgement was blinded with liquor.

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