Friday, July 31, 2009

Blue Skies

All day long I sat here in front of my window
Counting clouds, smelling the cool breeze of air
At one moment I noticed as the wind blows
It all become so quiet I can’t compare

I was in a trance and all was so peaceful
Seeing the trees sway and the rice field as well
The only place to complete the hole…
That’s been missing in my heart I can tell

The feeling I missed for quiet sometime
To describe, it’s like where you truly belong
A place which you watch as seasons change
And all of the memories of love and songs

As I watch the sun set on the hills
A lot of simple things flash in front of me
You cannot be rich to have it all
Nor poor to say you cannot have anything…

We all live underneath the same blue sky
It makes us one thou we are individuals
And we all share its rays and sunlight
The bluish color that give you comfort so cool!

So always be ready for anything that comes
Like typhoon or rain storms you can’t predict them at once
Because when it rains you’ll always get wet
There’s no escape through it I can tell…

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