Friday, July 31, 2009

Lazy Mornings ^_^

I open my eyes and see you beside me.
To stay like this with you, a beautiful view
To see the sun touch your skin and see your eyes on me
Your morning smiles that takes me out of the blue

Whispering to your ears how much you mean to me
And hugging you oh so tight and say I missed you!
To kiss your nose and your eyes that’s what I might do
For I’m so happy to have someone like you

How I wish to wake up each day with you
To have you all by my self for the rest of my life
And to have and prepare your breakfast you don’t have a clue
I will make sure that it will be special and hyped!

After eating break fast in bed
A lot of cuddling before we get set
I’m a really romantic person, but only to the one I loved
To live in this world with you I have no regrets

As we make it through our daily routines
To be back again to each others arms I always dream
To hear you giggles and laughter in scenes
It melts my heart and me like a cream

And when its time to sleep, you want me to massage you
To smell your hair and kiss your skin my way of showing I love you
May it lead to passion or not as long I have you
Again, my mornings will always be great coz I’m with YOU!

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