Friday, July 31, 2009

To Two Love X_X

Loving is always fun
ur heart beats fast u can run!
devoting to that sum1
the things that need to be done

Love is always a concept
anyone inside isnt excempted
a feeling of commitment
a word to be true until the end

To love in my own way
to xpress my passion per day
but wat if one day came
new person new name…

Each day together
makes it easy to falter
im sorry im a weak
im sorry i cant speak

I know this stupid heart of mine
giving love so divine
is it too much to ask
or do i need to hide inside a mask?

Avoiding, ignoring, Pneuma
What a pain.. what a delema
i cant keep my act
no really…. thats a fact….

Its so obious that my feeling show
i must kill it never let it grow
a point of choosing and loosing
even now keeps on doozing

My only escape is death
or may be my last breath
but even thou at least i tried
almost giving in im gonna be fried!

For this im doom for life
i wish i have no feeling like a flyff
what can i do,im a human
i can feel i can bleed

But now i have proven
my mind have spoken
come what may come what may
it my last HURRAY!

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