Friday, July 31, 2009

I Have Lost Everything

Now that im on the point of no return
All is lost together with all its meaning
The love that I thought would last forever
If now a dream that would just fade forever
My mind havin a hard time to think
As if there’s no tomorrow for me to see
As I think with all my might I always sink
This may be may fate it has always been.
I cant think straight with all this liquor in my head
Thou I act tough, I feel that I have been broken
The future I build has been shattered
Another part of me has me battered
Pieces of memory is now that’s left
Only a few good moments a cherishing felt
Im having a memory break down
I wish I was numb and tolerable of the pain I am havin
How I wish I could die right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That’s only a few steps to do it somehow….
But later I would try to kill myself
Im so useless another casualty no one will care
As I count my few seconds in life…..
Please bear with me it might take a while
I should have die a long time ago
I can feel death coming right now
This might be my last post….
Goodbye to all I have lived with
A last chance a last breath
This sharp blade will stop the pain I have

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