Friday, July 31, 2009

Poem 4 d Restless

Another Sleepless night
i always try to fight;
the feelings i keep
scorching me to deep!
How i WISH i could Scream!
feelings inside me even in dreams;
to utter my self like this
i cant think clearly, my heads in a bliss
To express what i have inside
is for me to keep even if i die!
for my restless heart that i hate
i cant stop it I’m so afraid!
I could never let it out
the second person should never let it shout!
suppressing this thought
a hard battle i must fought!
Though I’m having rough times
the pressure the problems, i must be a mime!
to speak means weak
to act in discreet
I’m on my life’s turning point
the moment of truth i been afraid of facing has joint!
now I’m in the edge
risking building the bridge
Hoping is all i have
please God!? no more problems that i can’t grab!
Testing me is your job
i have no objections, let me fly like a dove.
I have a feeling of helplessness
a remorse i guess…
but even thou i might fail
that’s the thought i always inhale
For I’m not expecting
that i know will always be changing
in case its my fate
let me die instead so it wont be too late!

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