Friday, July 31, 2009


Why? when I have bonded…
Showed my true colors somehow
Made connections with mix feelings
Gave my trust and everything

Then out of the blue you’re all alone again
This scenario I experienced over and over
Will this ever end?
Why do it always finish in a sorrowful way?

Could there be another chance….
That we could be together again?
Making it possible even if its gone
Things that are asked inside my mind.

Longing is all I can do
Missing the moments and memories
Cherishing every time that you had
The remembering…..

Its gonna be hard from here and then
To make it through, the final calling
As I see me fall again and again…
Maybe I need something to catch me then?

Being apart makes you wonder
What’s life with or with out you in it?
Will I grow? Or will I be dragged?
Then again we choose our own destiny hehe! ^_^

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