Friday, July 31, 2009

Im in Love?

The way you walk and dress is so perfect no fashion statement
your long black hair that i been wanting to touch
your face hunts my dreams and even simply by day dreaming
i act awkwardly and cant seem to relax when you caught me looking X_X

And at night i cant sleep and wondering what are you doing
always eager to see you again, even if by distance i dont care
and all i have is just pictures of you on my mind
im a fan and thats all i am coz thats all i can ever be

listening to your voice makes me smile for no reason
and wen im looking at you, theres no other person around you
and you become all what i think about
I get high with just your smell

One sided love i dont mind
to see you happy all the time is so fulfilling
always a ding dong sound that buzz my ears when i hear your name
cant control the feeling gets stronger day by day

i look crazy and often smile when im thinking of you
and i’ll do anything just to have a moment of your time
while reading this, there was one person on my mind the
whole tym and its you
its really love or else what can you call it?