Friday, July 31, 2009

Rising Force Under Dog

My Race as a member of the Holy Alliance of Cora
Suffered too much in the start of the crimson dawn…
Before that started we owned the mines like hell
And even if we are small in numbers we fight till the end

Other races can’t be compared to the ups and downs we had
Even in the start of exploring the novus sector…
It really sucks to have few backup along the way
So you really have to help each other out in tight situations

Supplies are also very short and in demand
You’ll gonna have a hard time looking for your desired equipments
But the best part of it, is that, you will easily know more of the people you interact with
Like a oval that goes around in circles, you’ll always see each other

Another problem is that we are lacking in unity
Most of us are loners and would just fight like we are 1 against the world
Because that’s what most of the pioneers experience in the old days
You’ll always have to look out for your selves

You rarely see my race in numbers but we have the iron will
Even if the wars seem to be lost and in to vain
We still manage to race and defend our chip.
And we need a stronger leader to help us defeat the other races

Acretians and the ferderation of Belato union has been our biggest problem
They have been attacking our neutral settlements
We, the children of Decem must not falter in any form
For we are the neutral race and to keep the order in its rightful place

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