Friday, July 31, 2009

~_~SeasonS ~_~

A new breeze came my way
a flow of air that kisses my face
to wake up and have this day
i always pray and thank God for his grace
I feel like new, never to be blue
like a child with his new toy
not a single minute that i think of you
an endless feeling of joy
Now i can over take this feeling
never turn back and i will stay in what i believe in
Its really hard and frustrating to be like this
but in the end you be glad that you did it ^_^
As we go back tru memory lane
a dose of pictures and places that u had been
thinking of the pass remembering the moments
do you think you could throw it all away?
The time you shared with the person you love
this feeling keeps me stronger
i made a promise that you would be the only one
im true to my words until the end
Just a piece of advice i have learned
never talk unless ur unprepared
to say words that shouldn’t be said
its deadly and vigorous always a bad end
So now learning from all my mistakes
its like SEASONS that changes and comes back
so to have known it i’ll be prepared!
when its here i’ll conquer fear!
^_^ Strong and Be Faithful ^_^

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