Friday, July 31, 2009

It’s A Date

I was a bit late, but all came out as we have expected
The night was young so we had a little chat about our day
Seeing her eyes sparkle and dance, while telling me her secrets
She’s like a child that had found someone to play with X_X

We went to my place after all that has been said and done
We listened to some music and sing some songs ^_^
We didn’t had enough sleep last night even if we’re already in bed X_X
We had some more chitchat the whole evening till morning ^_^

We talk about what’s gonna happen next…
And how we will be seeing each other again
I was so hesitant to make any moves
So I just laid back and relaxed

After falling to sleep just a couple of hours
She woke me up to put my arms around her as she tried to sleep
Having her so close to me, I can already smell the perfume she’s wearing
The scent of her hair that made me crazy and cant stop from kissing it.

She smiled and kissed me back to my surprise ^_^
We had our moment and it was so GREAT!
I still can’t forget what happened this morning and still dreaming about it
As we say our goodbye’s I can’t believe that she’s already mine.

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