Friday, July 31, 2009


I Know this is not right
the words you read the meanings in my mind
to speak so clear with all my might
the words i feel and all i can find

To say and confess every thing i have
a ounce of humbleness a careless thought
but now i am drunk and too doll to behave
as my mind speck my fingers tell…

Another solitude a single step
to say the things i held cant be helped
being this way brings me to a depth
as always a sacrifice cant be dealthed

Im very shallow as what they may say
its what i am i cant be changed
to make me a hit man can be possible in just a couple of hay..
a pace that i must placed

To be my self i cannot chase
for the reason that makes me become a simple guy
the only thing that my card i bet my ace
all in the only reason why….

Im so complicated with all my stupidity and all
to have me as a friend a burden you might call
to be a imbecile like me is not a choice
im so honest must not make a noise

As you read this crap poem of mine..,
a waste of time a worthless mime..
for i cannot say and pretend to be carefree
a moment of truth that i must see X_X

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