Friday, July 31, 2009

Touch ^_~

I was shocked and surprised, i felt your presence

a sudden rush of blood cant move a muscle

As I look slowly that you where there

I was happy and nervous cant describe how I felt

As you breathe and touch my back

I found that I wasn’t dreaming a fantasy

Reality struck and hit me hard!

I can’t explain on what would I do?

You may have just switch something in me

A link to which I try to hide

But it felt good to be near you at the same time

Well what can I say to good to be true ^_^

I never thought that time would fly so fast

That I totally forgotten it’s been a month since I fell for you

Days has passed so quickly yet I done nothing to pursue

My life and many other bigger things my tragedy is sweetness undefined.

I live my life according to the choices I make

I may not be perfect but I can still make it somehow….

I believe that all our actions has a consequence

That why no move from me can be found T_T

At least I had a chance ^_^

To me it’s a big thing, kinda burn all of a sudden

Feeling hot when the temperatures cold

Another stolen moment a grasp of air some good things never last…

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