Friday, July 31, 2009

Take me to the TIME

A sound that breaks the barrier of a single grip

The wind that blew onto the ground

A sigh that came from that small window

I said that I wont make any expectations

But I become lonely

However I had no intentions if giving up

If the chime came to life

The reality would just pass quicker, right?

Unlike a window made of glass

My feelings were a bit different

Since then came freedom

My dream I just can’t seem to put it into words

On that painful night anyone could be my company

I knew what I wanted but I didn’t wish for it

I laughed at my weakness in my dreams

I just want to control it…

Because I don’t intend to lose

If a finger would have poked me back then

I wouldn’t turn around

If it’s me, so I don’t intend to be done in just yet

I cant bluff

I lost my hope to cheer up

Since I hesitate which way to choose

I didn’t want to become a hindrance

If I only have the resolve to understand….

It’s always a freedom to choose!

My dreams will never be a broken one

I moved on in a period when I was scared the most

I want to return to the wasted time when I just looked down

Dreams in which I smiled

I strongly believe in the generation changed by time

I leaned against the cracked wall in my room

Since I fulfilled what I vowed to do.

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