Friday, July 31, 2009

The Guilt…

A hunting a conscience shouting!

Telling you have done a deed that shouldn’t be

Having it with you makes you suffer

Time passes and the load gets heavier.

I was so naïve and so drunk

You wont know what a couple of shots may take you

Another day that has been called

To a new start I guess lets see what unfolds.

I feel like I took advantage or overtake the test of fate

I was so weak and I can’t control the urges

Now I’m here wondering and makin my self hate

The feeling that shouldn’t show I lost my courage!

I never expected to be so cold

As if I really didn’t knew that I could do it!

I tried to suppress every single ounce of it

But all spilled like water holding with your hands.

I can’t control it and was carried by it

I guess I have my limit and I did break

Now the remorse I have and the guilt I take

My hearts torn with to much ache.

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