Friday, July 31, 2009

The Girl Last Night

One night in a friends place
I saw a girl and was amazed by her grace
I really wanted to know her name
Tried to be a fool just to make her say

I got her name and cellphone number too!
Texting, calling, flirting till the night is through
After that day I was bewitch
To see her again I thought was just a wish!

I called her and we met
I learned a lot from her with everything she said
The girl I like was already with someone else
Raised my hopes high, but this is not the end

We kinda had an agreement and everything’s been set
Making a relationship like this feels so awkward
Like we are lovers already with no care
To which I was shocked co’z she was too fast for me!!!

When its time to say goodbye, I wanna be with her just for a while
I really wanna spend more time with her and gave a good night kiss
Don’t worry boy, I said to my self there’s always tomorrow….
And here I am again, alone and I don’t understand what happened?

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