Friday, July 31, 2009


Music that plays inside my mind over and over

That has a lot of relevant meaning that portraits me

A sound of melody that makes you laugh or cry

A song that tells your life and how you struggled amidst the odds

Inspired and jiving on how you hear it

Your own definition of the paragraphs with each line

Takes you the time when you have fallen and risen

Like when the tables turn, you will never know

Bells that ring and rhymes with every single beat

A flawless chime of romance and reality

All at once has been a picture perfect on your mind

Events which you have no control

Medley of each and every person that blends

Joining all and all with serenity and harmony

It touches the heart and soul with all its meaning

And describes a tune of relaxed atmosphere

But when all has not combine and agree with one another

Distraction and its entire whole will be broken

Play it with all you have and don’t be astray

To continue its grace and fulfill its momentum…

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