Friday, July 31, 2009

Forever Forever!

This word may sound to long or everlasting
its meaning, so deep and containing
a word that has been used several times
thou some had succeed other meant to fail

The sound of it makes you feel good or bad
but when we talk about love theres more to it than that ^_^
forever in my heart you will stay
a term i always say to the person i love

To say forever to someone is a dedication
to be true as always the momentum
like a heart that beats must not stop
for when it stops all is lost to gloom

Trying to be strong makes me sensitive to others
my feelings cant halt a sudden reach
i’ve fallen to a pit of dispair and delema
react to how i feel, throws me further away to forever

Its always a pain if your being tormented
a hunting like your conscience X_X
i must be contented no more words to be said
the presequel another issue hay….

Forever is a promise forever is a curse
what choice you make ends up to be a burst!
so be careful to handle heart cases
for it might not turn out good and become forever… X_X

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