Friday, July 31, 2009

Im Happy!!!

Today i’ve talk to her
Even just a phrase or a moment
to see her looking at me
could melt me away….

To steal a moment is just a chance
to me its so rare and a blast!
Cant seem to fix my self in a glance
cant look straight this is it at last!

Trying to be normal makes it hard
also trying that i have to leave a mark
but the harder i try lets me out of my gaurd
to say the words i often bark

So now im Happy ^_^ even for a moment
To see your eyes dance when you laugh
how i wish i could tell you more…
sorry im a coward and i cant break my word

Im almost at my limit of holding back!!!!
to be like this forever i need to be stonger
but how can i do that when i cant resist your charm?
as if you bewitch me or gayuma argh!!!

Cant help but try to look away
i guess its my only option to be isnabero
sowi na uubos n english ko lalo n pag masaya ako! haha!
please be my inspiration and the only reason that
im still holding on to this training

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